About the Author

Hi I am Julie, the mother of three boys, married to an amazing man and live in a small east coast town in Atlantic Canada. 
Our Family Photo
Left to right: Cylas 11yrs, Julie, Dan, Griffen 2yrs, Carter 9 yrs

As a family we aim to follow God's lead for our lives....we take peace in working towards a simple and quiet life. We enjoy hunting, foraging, urban gardening, storing our harvest, running our rabbitry, working as a team, and having laughs all along the way.  I will share our stories about parenting, food storage, kitchen gardening, and I am sure a lot more...

As our family of five takes on daily living, and go back to the basics, we re-discover simple ways of living life. As we follow Jesus, homeschool, enhance our homesteading skills, parent, and learn to enjoy natures blessings, our blog will share our journey and what we have learned along the way. We don't promise to be perfect, nor to have answers for life's foes....just a window into our lives, and perhaps gain like minded friendships all along the way. 

So, if you are interested in reading more about family life skills, in an eco-friendly, self sustainable way, then be sure to find the follow me tab on the upper right hand corner of the page..it will pop out when you hover over. 
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