Sunday, October 14, 2012


In June we brought home our rabbits. First the juvenile, then the alpha male...and finally our lady. After scheduling tirelessly the homely duties, the garden, the harvest, and well, just living, we finally have our hutch winter ready...and have only 3 rabbits housed as supposed to the 6 we kept over summer.

Our hutch, however homely, has gone through: building, housing, escaping bunnies, patching, and finally completion! Here, our alpha male (for now) is checking out his new winter box...this, once marked, will be his warm nest for the cold winter months.

Here is my lovely lady. She....needs to get to work! Throughout the summer we have tirelessly tried to impregnate her without success...I have my hopes for the 19th, but we will worst fear, she is infertile. We are pressing on with the hope that she can bear us one more litter, and in that litter be more females!

Ah yes, "Sam" (the only named rabbit), has found his home and is settling in. Sir, if you are sterile, may your days be numbered. 

This is our future, our Alpha males successor. He shows much promise as a rabbitry king. So friendly, we have raised him from near infancy. He handles well, and is of nice temperament with our lady (I once caught them "cuddling"? through the wire cages) 

All in all, however unsuccessful we have been with litters, our Rabbits are treasured, part of our daily lives, and hold our hopes for bringing us much urban security.

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