Sunday, November 3, 2013

Humble me in Christ. Humble our body for our Head is the Head of freedom.

I'm learning a lot lately about humility. How to submit to authority, understand rather than disagree. How ought we submit to a God, under the headship of Christ when we cannot submit to one another? As servants of the Almighty we are servants of one another. When there is contention, disagreements, and rebellion of leadership there is chaos. Unity binds us together in a harmony where peace and joy lives. The spirit is grieved with the former and uplifted in the latter. 

When God brings together a people he has a design. That design is evident in the lives of those people, when those people allow the spirit to be fluid in their lives and can recognize it in the lives of their brothers. It can be seen in the words and leadership of one, in the humble service and charity of another, in the prayers of the warriors, and in the dreams of the child. When we but step into this design and re-appoint the anointed ones to other purposes, we rob the Church of her joy. We take away the path to freedom and burden the fellowship with a bondage. Christ is freedom. The gifts of the spirit are given for the church. I have learned today, that to blow out one candle is to send the whole mass hurling towards the sea. 

My prayer tonight is for Christ to strengthen his lamps, letting the oil burn hot for his love. 
That we be united for his dignity forever. Amen. 

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