Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lather Revival * Bars Reformed

With spring comes many things. Re-birth. Renewal. Spring Air.
As the earth and forest renews and sets on new life, so also do we.
It is with great passion that we share all that is anew!

In the kitchen we are undergoing changes. Many of you have already seen photo's on our fan page of some of our new products! Summer bug repellent oils infused with the goodness of natural essential oils, and a soothing sun screen for the hot June days are but a few. Our packaging also has been taking on a more professional look. We have also reformulated our soap recipe to include not just one oil, but for. Our %100 tallow bars, although lovely, have lacked in the bubble department. While the cleaning properties of tallow are incredible, the bar has been greatly improved with the addition of olive, coconut and castor oils. This is sud-intense!  

It's a soap revolution! 

We also will be reviving a few of our soap recipes as well as adding a few new scented/herby soaps. 
Below is the improved Cedar bar. Once known as "Cedar, Rosemary & vitamin E"..the new *Cedar Woods Bar has a more wood-herb scent that offers the calming and balancing properties of cedarwood, with the smoothing, renewing and healing benefits of pine oil. The addition of wild foraged dandelion & nettle as a natural colorant also contributes to the healing properties of this bar as it naturally calms skin complications. 

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