Monday, November 26, 2012

Everyone told me how to mother best.

If someone had asked me "What kind of parent do you think you will be?" ....I probably would have come up with some type of stereotypical version of the perfect soccer mom type. Well, that was then. More than a decade, time has escaped me. After much dilemma, debate, trial and error, I find myself nestled into a role of "Mom". This role is ever changing. I face each challenge as it comes. Sure, I have ideals...but I have thrown out the "mommie does best" and "Best mom in town" books, advice and opinions. None of that matters. My children will grow, we will be matter what the newest parenting fad decides I should be doing. The truth is, there will always be someone who knows better than you do, gives a glare when your kids are unruly, suggests a better nap time routine, or seems to be flawless and effortless in their technique. They, are not you or me. However picturesque a fantasy family may's not real, and following an image of perfectness, constantly striving for excellence and perfect children is unrealistic and only results in defeated tears. I have found that a perfect parent has one, namely one quality. That is, they love their children. I know that in my heart, whatever I choose to do as a parent, is exactly what works for that time. Sometimes we are inconsistent, sometimes we conquer our fears, times we cry over spilled milk, and others where we fly with our wings..or by the seat of our pants. I'd have to say though, to anyone looking for advice on how to potty train, or wean, or just get sleep....the most important YOUR INSTINCT. 

More on parenting to come.
Good Day.

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