Monday, November 26, 2012

This is full blown separation... bad, bad! ;-)

I have been making soap now for little over a year...perhaps 5-7 batches under my belt thus far. Last week I had a friend join me in creating some suds. She was taking notes as I guided her through what I knew. As a novice, I have been really blessed with soap least up until this point! My soap was over due to come out of their molds. I had noticed, when I poured the soap that there were little blobs of, what seemed to be, oily patches near the end of the pouring. Weird aeh? I thought, well...we will see. Come to find out, while I was cutting my soap today, those patches turned into one large pocket of water. Humm...I poured off the water into the sink. A little baffled, I thought I'd search for an answer on line. I came across this page at Miller Soap. My problem, as per the chart, is as follows:

Soap has layer of water (lye solution) underneath This is full blown separation... bad, bad! ;-) Remelting is necessary! Double check your recipe for lye to fat ratio before proceeding, just in case. Be sure to save ALL liquids from your original recipe for the remelt.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear...I had dumped my liquids down my drain! Back to the drawing board, and to the trash my botched batch goes!

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