Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Hop Down Cherry Lane

 Since starting our rabbitry, we have been the landing spot for bunnies that our family or friends no longer want as pets. This, I suppose is borderline weird. My husband is not soo eager to cull the cute furry animals to start with. But add on that, the idea that this, once, was a child's cherished pet, and have a dilemma. Yes, there have been a few tragic stories in the past...but yesterday brought anew the tearing of the heart.

This is Oreo. He is a dwarf. My husband was the first to meet him. I had heard he was small...but when Dan proclaimed that we could just not throw him in the freezer, my first thought was "get a back bone"...but then I saw how absolutely tiny he was, and how domesticated he had apparently been raised. The story was that he was given to a friend, who gave him to a friend. He was homeless. Poor thing, he just needs an everlasting home...not the cooker.

Immediately, as if in unison, our Family adopted Oreo as our own. He is now in the home as a pet. I'm not sure what this may do for our future culling experience...but for now it reassures us that amidst our journey of making a sustainable life for ourselves, that we can draw a line between things given for need, and things given for us to care for.

May I resolve that we welcome large breed rabbits. 
The small ones need a family home..and we already have one :)

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