Friday, November 30, 2012

Have a furry Christmas

What is Christmas really about? 


Jesus gave the most precious gift of all time. 

It's easy to want gifts, and food, and holiday music to make our celebrations special. But I know two boys who want something more.

You see, there are homeless animals. They don't have a home. They have no family to love them...unconditionally. 

For Christmas, my boys really wanted to do something for the pets at our local animal shelter. I do too.

We've decided that as a family, we would start a sponsorship program. 
Every time someone donates either $10 or drops off one item on the list of needed supplies, they in turn, sponsor one half hour of cuddle and cleaning time at our shelter. Cylas says he will even scoop poop.

I'd like to invite you all to consider giving this gift for Christmas..please find the tab at the heading of our bog...this will take you to our facebook event where you can learn more about what we are doing. You can also find that link here.

Even if you cannot send your support to our cause....please consider dropping by your local shelter and just visit with the furry friends. Love and compassion, when there is none, is the most precious gift. And just maybe, you will fall in love...and adopt :) 

Merry Christmas!

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