Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is 25 the new 18?

My response to this post...

"Psshhh. The only thing that will restrain a child, is the society that creates the boundaries for that child. It’s when others expect nothing, or little from the youth, that the youth in turn, learn to expect nothing or little from themselves. " 

I fear we are creating a world of incompetence. Even some legal boundaries prevent my children form spreading their wings...for example, how old does a child need to be to stay home alone? What if a child is mature enough mentally and prepared to be responsible, however still does not meet the age that society has deemed "appropriate"? I do have a few more examples, but mainly, my point is that we all too often underestimate the abilities of our youth. I am learning more and more as a mother and teacher to really trust in my kids and expect them to stand up to some higher expectations. Yes, my kids will know how to cook a full meal, and how to budget an income well before they leave home. I would never dream of withholding practical life skills that are essential to their survival! As they are members of this family, they play as a team with the family. Of course, they love to play and joke around as kids do, but they can, and do take much interest in real life learning. Just give them some practical application..a little every day.  

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