Friday, September 27, 2013

Chaga Mushroom

I have spoke in the past about Chaga, and how much I love this wonderful mushroom. And here I am again! 
Just in case you aren't aware of the MANY benefits of drinking Chaga Tea, please visit this web page. The author does a wonderful job at detailing its vast benefits and uses. 

I have decided that I will be offering Chaga Chunks for sale at my new vending space, which is located at O'toole Gallery & Celtic Fox Coffee House. Today I whacked and hammered the big, uniform chunk of chaga that we harvested last month, into serving size pieces. I am currently undertaking some research to determine a sale price to start at. There is also the sale method to mull I will sell it exactly. It needs to be either un-packaged or dried to utter extreme and then vacuum sealed. Once I have these things worked over, I will certainly be posting it on my Facebook page to let all my clients know that it is indeed available. How exciting! 

In the world of business, I have also overcome a little bump in the past few weeks. It involved having our home insurance being dropped by our insurance company, and then searching out a new and much better insurance policy from Fraser & Hoyt that will not only cover our home, but also my business adventures. 

Next up in the business agenda is to review the current guidelines for selling prepared food items at markets. These are simply guidelines, and no licencing is required by the province, however I am working towards meeting all the requirements for a Class 3 food prep. It's a bit of paperwork, and will involve my changing a few of my food handling practices, but in the end, I can ensure that my products meet all guidelines, requirements and that they are SAFE. 

It's all a journey, all fun, and certainly well worth it.

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