Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall...and too much to do!

I have been working steadily for the past few months...I believe it started back then the last drops of snow melted. Oie! The spring was rejuvenating. Summer brought warm refreshing days full with motivation. Fall. Oh fall, how I always feel your burden. By the end of the season my arms are tired and my cupboards are nearly full..but then, oh then, there is always more! No wonder I go in a state of hibernation come November. This year, along with the canning and harvest for our own family, I have been working steadily on building a business. Making soaps, jams, jellies, lip balms, cleansers, and the list goes on. In the midst of stocking inventory, working the garden, and putting up the forever cans of preserves, we come upon hunting season. Now in full swing. Yesterday, as my husband and I talked about our schedule, finding time to do our chores, came the realization that the push time (crunch time) is on. Time for hunting? Time for apples? Time for Dehydrating those mushrooms? Need to make more deodorant? Dan's work? The garlic...yes, it's almost planted. Carrots in the fridge..waiting for me. School. Children. Among all of this, I am tired. As is the way, every year at this time. What refreshes me, is when I look at all that has been accomplished. I take a walk to the cellar and gaze at the rows of neatly stacked bottles, the bags of potatoes, the shelves of dried foods, I see the Grocery bill, which rarely exceeds $70 a week for a family of 5 (and this week will include the 4 bushels of apples my husband wants to winter store). Yes, of course we have all the time in the world for all of these things. It is our blessing. I will note though, that this winter I will be stocking up (WAY UP) on soaps. I intend to stock up so much in fact so as to not have that extra chore awaiting me during the busiest time of year. Any products that can be made ahead of time will be prepped in the slower winter months..hindsight aeh? I have been refreshed though, in the midst of the season. The leaves have fallen here, and with that comes the last press to prep for winter. Yesterday we put up our cauliflower and the last of the broccoli. Pulled and cleaned out the spinach bed to make way for the Garlic. Dan wonderfully turned the soil in with rabbit manure and today I will open the cloves of garlic to select the best of cloves for planting. While the air was still crisp and dawn was drawing near he went off to hunt for birds, and to also retrieve the 100lbs of potatoes we had dug and left at his parents. For today, I have more dehydrating to do, and will make and print labels for dried mushrooms to sell at the Gallery. Also make soap, and catch up on laundry and make deodorant. Later this afternoon I am to meet a young gentleman at the Gallery to be interviewed. He is interested in covering my business venture in the local paper that he writes for. He is particularly interested in my dedication to support local businesses, and my practices in foraging for use in the products. I am excited about the chance to be written about, but I am not the best speaker..somehow I know, all that is in my heart, won't make it out. I'll forget something terribly important that I wanted to share. With luck, my products will speak for themselves. 


  1. Love your blog!
    I started making soap last year and bought a dehydrator over the summer. I've made jerky, apple and sweet potato chips so far. They never last very long. So tasty.
    Thank you for your comment. It is easy to romanticize other people's lives. Legalism creeps in all the time, even in churches who make declarations against legalism can become legalistic in their quest not to become 'religious'. There must be a happy medium somewhere. Will I be searching for it my whole life?
    Thanks again for stopping by. I love your insights.

    1. What kind of soap do you make Melissa? I absolutely love the dehydrator..it is such a useful kitchen tool! I was lucky and scored mine at an amazing price at a 2nd hand shop! And no, I haven't heard of the Baby Doll Sheep...this is a certain breed I assume?

  2. P.s. some day I'd love to own baby doll sheep. Have you heard of them?