Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Happenings at the Homestead...More of too much to do.

Yesterday I wrote about how I have too much to do..and that I best get doing it. Well, today that rhythm continues! After all, tis' the harvest season an what better way to spend the week before Thanks Giving! Absolutely, am utterly thankful for all that God has given me today.

This morning, I woke to these. The honey mushrooms that I picked yesterday on my way home from the milk run. The forest I pick form is an old, old forest. The towering maples and fur trees cover the mossy undergrowth. It is such a beautiful place to be. Away from all homes, the sound is beautifully silent. Apart from a passing car once in a long while, I hear the dropping leaves. And that is it. Bliss. The shrooms had fulfilled their duty overnight. Each had dropped sufficient spores as to confirm their ID..all but just a few.

Cylas an I then went off to Dukeshire's. Our local apple orchard with all intent of picking 4 bushels. We were late. The u-pick closed on Sunday and all the apples have been picked. But we didn't leave empty was a blessing in disguise, as the apples were the same price as u-pick, minus the work. Plus, the grade had been sorted and we bought 3 boxes of #1 (at and extra $4.00 per box) and one box of C's to eat and process right away. The superior apples will find winter storage in my basement. 

After leaving the apple house, we had plenty of time to of course we took that precious time to visit the garden. We have a few plots in the community garden just blocks from our home. My carrots have been slow growers this season, and so we tended to thinning them out more and weeded them so as to help them out a bit. The carrots we left to continue growing will need to stay until frost sets..they need as much time as they can get! 

Pole Beans. This was the first year for the pole bean in our garden. These are wonderful! They take up little space, and so are perfect for our urban garden. Even after a few light frosts, they were still heavy with beans. Today though, we picked them clean and stripped the poles. Beans, you are done. 

At home, I sorted the eaters from the seeders. 

Along the driveway to the garden are some old I inspected them for fungi (Oyster season is near), I just about jumped out of my pants when I saw these! HUGE Oysters! How did these get past me? Anyhow, they are home. I cleaned, and cut them.

 Here is the Oysters..ready for drying. Total of 2 trays full.

The dehydrator full of mushrooms. 6 trays of Honey, 1 tray of Late Fall Oyster, and 2 trays of Oyster.

Another haul from the Garden..our Sunflowers. They drooped and sagged. They were well on their way to being completely dry, but I needed to start cleaning up the garden, so they came home too.

 Here they are..I prunes the leaves and stems off, and brushed off the pedals and nectar thingies. Sitting on my hall dresser they will make for a great decoration wile they continue drying.

Finally, but not lastly, the boys are topping the carrots AND enjoying the sun! 

Alas, it is only 3:30 here, and we still have work to do. Chow for now!

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