Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nature Studies -Forest, Fire, Fun & Fungi

As part of our education experience (we are homeschoolers) we often take the time to venture out into the wilderness. One of our favorite places to visit is Skedaddle Ridge..it is a 45 minute drive away from our home. I had some suet waiting for me at the butcher shop and needed to pick it up yesterday. The Butcher shop is half way to our favorite forest haven and so we ventured on. After picking up the 30 lbs of suet, we bumbled along the back roads until we found our refuge. We didn't really have much planned for our walk in the woods. I came prepared to gather mushrooms, and my husband brought his flint. As we walked, it was a joy. We found moose tracks and scat, Carter hunted for beetles, Griffen followed along, making sure to not miss any part of the adventure. He kept exclaiming how big the marshmallows were! (he can't properly say mushroom). Cylas was impressed to learn that Chaga would bring us $40 per/lb at our whole foods distributor, and so after Carter spied over a pound of the charcoal gold, and after Dan & I hacked it off the tree, Cylas couldn't help but wonder if we would become rich! Perhaps not, but it did pay the gas for our trip. The boys made their fire. Carter with such ease. As we left the forest, we thought of the next time we could return? Soon. Once home, I organized our findings. Chanterelles, Chaga, Waxy Cap, Orange Milky, Honey Mushroom, Late Fall Oyster, and 3 others that I am working on Identifying. 
Today we are off to pick potatoes!

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