Saturday, October 12, 2013

So Many Thanks! Soap, Pies, Culture and Apples!

Today, as I wind up my week, and in preparation for Thanks Giving, I think of all that God has blessed me with. At times work seems a burden, but as I look back at all I have learned, I am humbled. Not more than 12 years ago I lived day by day with the slightest of clue as to how to sustainably take care of my family. Sure, I knew how to get good deals at the supermarket, but really and truly, I had no skills that were worth much merit in the kitchen. I had failed to learn all I could as a young woman, while still under the protective arms of my mother. And there I was out in the world, and didn't even know how long to cook potatoes. Might I wasn't for lack of my mother trying to teach me, but my own ignorance that kept me so blind to the world of homesteading. The kitchen is where it happens. 

Yesterday I made Tea Tree Soap. This morning, as I uncovered the bar that had been incubating under warm towels, I realized that it was through great grace that I have come to a point in my life where I cherish skills such as soap making. I truly believe that in the essence of a woman and mother, God created a desire for us to care for our families and gave us a certain sense of nurturing that only mothers have. In a small way, making soap fulfills that desire for me. I thank God for not only the desire, but for bringing me to a place where fulfilling that desire brings me such peace. 

Aren't those pastries lovely? Our Family dinner is planned for Monday, and so of course that is the perfect excuse for two sisters to bake the day away! She and I, with our youngest, wrestled the flour and created masterpieces! Beautiful and tasty. Absolutely! Thank you!

What's this? That's what I asked too. A friend of mine (who I might add is an amazing artist, who also exhibits at O'tooles) invited me to share in her Milk Kiefer Grains. I vaguely remembered something about Kiefer, but after the botched batches of Kombucha that I endured a few years ago, my ambitions with cultured drinks went wayward. Alas, the time was right and the grains are here and I am pumped to try it out! Thank You.

Lastly, here are the cinnamon and sugar apple slices that I have been waiting for months to make! (we ran out in March!). My dehydrator, with 9 shelves has been running 24/7 drying Chaga & Mushrooms, and so I called in backup! A good friend of mine (who BTW makes the best pies in town) just happened to have a dehydrator collecting dust and so was willing to lend me the air power to speed my drying pursuits. Horrah! 7 Trays and a motor to dry them! It's a factory here now. Perfect! Thank You!

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