Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Worship

We are home schooling our two oldest boys, ages 8 & 10. This is our first year. I have been contemplating teaching their bible studies with curriculum, verses devotionals, & daily readings. So far we have been reading passages starting in Matthew, followed by a discussion and prayer. I want our days to start with God. I have decided that I want to teach the boys worship songs and reinforce that rejoicing is not just for Sunday morning service! We can praise him all day long! 

I found my favourite song here. It is a song that brings my spirit to a place of utter joy, and I want to share this with my children. I plan to play it through my netbook, onto the large flat screen in our living room. Perhaps we can sing, dance and even learn to play some of the chords along with the music!

As far as following a particular study, I feel that is too rigid. I want to instill in these children a love for fellowship with God. Someday, when the workbooks are gone, will they still wake up and ask him for guidance each day? 

By leading them in a simple, yet honest and humble journey as him as their leader, and learning good habits such as repentance, reading of scripture, prayer and worship, I hope to teach them life long habits....later we can focus on dissecting his word for meaning and application.

Do you have worship songs that you sing with your kids? What are they?

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